Property Management


1.   Registration / Licensing
2.   Lead Paint
3.   Tenant Placement
4.   Tenant Turnover
5.   Monthly Rent Collection
6.   Evictions
7.   Rental Market Analysis
8.   Monthly Reports
9.   Contractor Liaison
10. Subsidized Housing: Balto City & County Housing, MBQ/BRHP, Baltimore Homeless Services, Mercy Supportive Housing, Catholic Charities, Empire Homes, AIRS, Project Plase, St. Ambrose
11.  Fees
1. Registration / Licensing

Did you know that in Baltimore City & County, rental registration requires a state inspection for licensing? 

Once we begin managing your property, we will make sure that the property is registered correctly with the city or county in which it is located.

 As we are managing your property, we will also make sure that your registration stays active with the state and locality, and that your property abides by all rules of the state and town that your property is located.

We will also make sure that your property is in compliance with any home-owner's association that may oversee the neighborhood.

Before a property shall be registered with the state, we at JCL INVESTMENTS will make sure of the following, not only for the safety of the tenant, but for our (and your) liability:

Working smoke detectors with fresh batteries  
Working alarms (if property has them) with fresh batteries  
Working Water Heater  
Working Bathroom Facilities  
Working Heating & Cooling Systems for home  
Secure Windows with Locks  
Secure Doors with working locks  

After our inspection, if a state inspection must be completed, we will oversee the process, and report any violations which must be corrected.

Making sure your property is safe and secure is our #1 priority!

2. Lead Paint

Baltimore City & County has an aggressive lead inspection program which we participate in! 

Most properties in the state of Maryland are required to have a lead inspection performed after (or before) every tenant that lives in the property.

Upon registration of your property, we must also have the home inspected for lead to have the registration completed correctly.

JCL INVESTMENTS will be your inspection liaison for this program. We will hire the lead inspectors, make sure that the work was performed correctly, and then pay the inspector when the job is complete.

If your home requires contractor work to be performed to pass inspection, JCL INVESTMENTS can hire the contractors for you, make sure that their work is performed correctly, and then pay those contractors also.

JCL INVESTMENTS will do everything in its power to make sure that your home passes all requirements of lead testing and inspection at all times.

Every tenant with JCL INVESTMENTS will also receive a "Lead Prevention" packet containing information about the dangers of lead, and how to prevent lead poisoning.

Our Lead Inspection Services can also be ordered a-la-carte.  

Lead Inspections - Please call for prices 

3. Tenant Placement 

80% of the rental market has an issue with their credit! 

JCL INVESTMENTS has an innovative program that can put tenant in your properties as soon as possible. We have access to the Multiple Listing Service and other resources that can give your properties full local and national exposure.

Did you know that up to 80% of the rental market has an issue with their credit? "If I had good credit, I'd be buying a home!" - Quote from upset potential tenant.

JCL INVESTMENTS performs the following checks on potential tenants:

Double Employment Verification 
Income Verification  
Rental History Reference Verification  
Personal Reference Verification  
Sex Offender Check  
Background Check Including State and Federal  
Open Court Case Search  
State Judgment’s Search  

We also keep a running list of potential tenants so once we acquire a new property, we can contact potential tenants immediately and attempt to place them!

4. Tenant Turnover 

You need to find tenants as quickly as possible to make the most money! 

As a tenant leaves your unit, there are certain steps that you must take to ensure that not only can the property be shown and rented again quickly, but that you can legally rent it again.

A Post-Move In Inspection To Detail Any Damage, and Charge The Tenant As Needed  
A Thorough Clean After The Tenant Leaves  
Repairs Are Completed, As Needed  
Special Consultation Available for Detailed Property Repair Analysis, Inspections,      and Custom Renovations. (Please call for Consultation Rates and Fees)
A Lead Inspection Is Completed  
Light Bulbs, Smoke Detector & Alarm Batteries Replaced  
Section 8 Reports, If Necessary  
New Photos of Property  
Re-alignment of Advertising Campaigns  
Re-advertising of Unit On All Local Search Boards 

All tenant turnover services are handled by JCL INVESTMENTS.

We hire all of the contractors, we make sure their work has been completed correctly (and we'll email you photos), we'll pay the contractors on your behalf, we'll re-advertise the property, and we'll make the process as smooth as possible (at least on your end!)

We strive to get work completed as quickly as possible.

We also strive to get you a new tenant as quickly as possible!

**Remember - You pay NO monthly management fees when property is vacant!**  

5. Monthly Rent Collection 

Pay your taxes and mortgage, pick up your check - it's that easy! 

As a tenant takes the keys to their new apartment or home, they will be charged a pro-rated (if needed) rent for the first month, and a security deposit equal to the first month's rent (unless otherwise specified). 

Once the check clears for the tenant's first check, your funds are immediately transferred to either your bank account, or mailed via USPS.

Rents are collected from the tenant between the 1st and 5th of the month.

Any rents after the 5th are deemed late, and the tenant is then subject to rent court action.

Your monies are deposited into your account, or mailed via USPS between the 10th and 15th of the month (unless monies take longer to clear).

6. Evictions

~~ Please Note The New Tenant Eviction Law For Baltimore City! ~~

Full Service Eviction Process 

JCL INVESTMENTS offers Full Service Evictions at a greatly discounted rate!

 **According to new law passed in Baltimore City, property managers and owners may NOT place items from the home (during an eviction) on the street. These items are to be taken to the city landfill, or disposed of in a legal way (both ways incur a fee of course). Unfortunately, many items inside the home (such as large furniture) will not be allowed to be dumped without paying a hefty fee.** 

Our Eviction Services include the following:

Eviction Date Confirmation With City Sheriff   
Meet City Sheriff at Property on Eviction Day
Clean-out Of Home  
Light Cleaning Of Home (Sweeping, Large Item Pickup)  
Changing Of Front And Rear Door Locks  
Hauling Of Trash, Furniture And Personal Belongings Away From Property  
Disposal Of All Items From Home  
Truck, Transportation, Labor, Materials Included!  
Additional Labor Hours For Eviction Team - Call for Rates  

**According to Baltimore City Tenant Code, Tenants may pay their late rent - up until the eviction team is at the door with the Sheriff. Tenants may do this 4 times before you may claim "right of redemption" and have the tenant evicted regardless of rent payment.**  

You could pay another property management company 4 separate times for an eviction before you get your property back! With some companies, this can be a total cost of $2,300!

Call For Eviction Rates and Fees

7. Rental Market Analysis 

Now you'll know the market! 

Is it taking a little while for your property to rent?

Finding some tenants, but none seem to be qualified enough for your property?

It may be time for a rental market analysis!

This service includes:

Property End  

Inspection of current property to list all amenities

Comprehensive check of all databases to locate current rents

Comparison of current market properties against your own

The Average, and range, of rents for properties matching, or closely comparing yours, is calculated

Owner's End  

Inspection of current mortgage (if one is had) payment per month

Inspection of current tax rate and payment per month

List Compilation of all monthly fees, to determine total monthly rent needed to break even


Rents are compared to your total cost needed, then a rental amount is established to make money!

Rental Market Analysis is always included on each unit that is fully managed by JCL INVESTMENTS.  

This service can also be purchased a-la-carte for other properties.

*Free of Charge w/ Full Property Management Service*

8. Monthly Reports 

Stay in the loop without the headache! 

Ever wonder what was going on at your property?

JCL INVESTMENTS breaks the barrier again with another innovative program to keep you informed, and the tenant prepared!

Your property is inspected every 30 days (near the end of the month) to look for any new damage. During this time, we also remind the tenant that the rent is due between the 1st and 5th of the month. The tenant may pay their rent at that time if they'd like to avoid an extra trip.

If at any time there is new damage found at your unit or property, we shall photograph the evidence and forward it to you immediately.

You receive a monthly report from JCL INVESTMENTS detailing all the activity at your units. The report system is a simple one page report, and can be mailed, or emailed, at your request.

Your monthly management fees will be deducted directly from the rent, and the remainder shall be forwarded to you.

Any minor repairs shall also be deducted from the monthly rent and applied to your repair budget, if you have one.

All of this information shall be included in your monthly report.

Once a month, you'll receive your monthly report, and your money. It's that simple!

9. Contractor Liaison 

Never worry about a contractor, or their work, again! 

Are you sick of dealing with contractors, inspectors, estimators, etc?

Let JCL INVESTMENTS handle it all for you!

Once it has been established with you that work needs to be completed, the following process will begin:

We find 3 companies willing to do the work and get estimates from all 3  
We compare the level of customer service and quality of inspection at the time of estimate, along with the total price, to gauge which company to use  
We forward the information along to you  
You forward us the monies, and we have the contractor begin the work 
We ensure that the work has been completed correctly, and we photograph the completed work to email to you upon completion  
We then pay the contractor the amount owed  

Never again will you have to worry about the headache involved with finding a contractor, making sure the work is done correctly, or getting them their payment.

We also provide this service for all lead inspections that must be performed at the property.

If a lead inspection deems that your property needs contractor work, we can begin the process of lead certification contractor work immediately!

Your property only makes money with happy, long-term tenants - We strive to make that our goal, and yours! 

10. Subsidized Housing - Section 8 / Housing Voucher Program, and etc. 

A guaranteed check - An extra safety net... 

The Housing Voucher Program of Baltimore City is designed to benefit not only the owner, but the tenant as well.

Did you know that there are two ways the Section 8 program works?

One program is based solely on the property - Section 8 inspectors will come to the property, inspect the square footage, the amenities, and the local rents, and determine the amount that they will pay.  

One program is based solely on the tenant - Section 8 counselors interview the tenant, and based on the amount of money they make, Section 8 determines their rent eligibility.  

Included in your full service management is the Section 8 tenant screening. Also included is the collection of rents from Section 8, inspection reporting that must be completed for Section 8, and post-tenant photographic evidence is taken to substantiate any claims of damage from the tenant.

The Section 8 registration and inspection process can be completed for a nominal fee. This process normally takes about 2 weeks, and involves not only inspections and registration, but also a rental market analysis, and "healthy debate" between ourselves and Section 8 to get the highest rent possible.

Please remember - Section 8 is not designed for the benefit of the tenant only. If there is damage to your property, or if we have issues with the tenant, we can report the tenant to a Section 8 investigator. The Section 8 program can be used as a "safety net" of sorts - guaranteeing some type of rent every month, and allowing us an outlet to report property abuse.

We also work with other subsidized programs such as:

Baltimore City & County Section 8 / Housing Voucher Program, MBQ/BRHP, AIRS, Empire Homes, Prologue, Baltimore Homeless Services, Project Please, Heal Inc., Hero, St. Ambrose, & Rap Program.

Call for further information 443-632-4321.

11. Fees

 If you have any questions about these fees, please contact us! 

All of our services can be ordered a-la-carte or as a full service package.

Please call for full details 443-632-4321.

Typical Monthly Management Fees:  





MINIMUM $  for each unit - CALL FOR PRICING

Contractor Liaison Fee - CALL FOR PRICING

Special Consultation Available for Detailed Property Repair Analysis, Inspections, and Custom Renovations. (Please call for Consultation Rates and Fees)

QUICK & EASY Tenant Placement Fee - Full First Month's Rent  

Regular Rental Property Registration Filing - $+ Document Fees - CALL FOR PRICING

Lead Certification - CALL FOR PRICING

MDE Registration Filing - $+ Document Fees - CALL FOR PRICING

Section 8 Registration, Inspections, Analysis, & Coordination - $- CALL FOR PRICING

Evictions - Call for Rates and Fees  

Rental Market Analysis - $  -  CALL FOR PRICING *Free of Charge w/ Full Property Management Service*

Non-Payment of Rent Court Filing - $+ Court Fees - CALL FOR PRICING

Warrant of Restitution Filing $+ Court Fees -CALL FOR PRICING

Rent Court Agent - $Per Case - CALL FOR PRICING

Snow Removal & Salting (required during snow events) - CALL FOR PRICING (discounts during major snow events)

Remember all tenant placement & property management fees are 100% tax deductible! 

So why should you do it yourself?

Save the hassle of managing and finding tenants!

Call us today @ 443-632-4321.